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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Step into our world where services meet convenience – from packing and shipping to notary and fingerprinting, mailbox rentals to essential office services, and even passport assistance to gifts and greeting cards. Our FAQ page is your gateway to insights and solutions for a seamless experience with us. Whether you’re preparing a special package, setting up a secure mailbox, or in need of quick office solutions, our comprehensive guide is here to illuminate your path. Embark on a journey of discovery and let us transform your tasks into accomplishments with ease and joy. Your adventure into a world of services starts now!

Can I print or copy confidential information at your location?2024-02-14T11:48:49-08:00

Yes, we offer computer rentals for printing from your accounts and self-serve copiers. Our registers are synced, allowing easy billing after you’re done.

What packing materials do you carry?2024-02-14T11:49:44-08:00

We offer a comprehensive range of packing materials including packing peanuts, bubble wraps, brown paper, wine bottle coolers, and foam inserts, alongside standard boxes. These items are available for individual purchase at both retail and wholesale prices. Additionally, we specialize in crafting custom boxes and provide professional packaging services for items that require specialized handling or lack appropriate packaging.

I need to package an item and I have a prepaid label, Can you package it for me? or do I have to buy the material and package it up myself?2020-05-11T18:55:31-07:00

Yes, we offer packaging services for item with prepaid labels all 7 days during business hours. We hand select packaging material to accustom your item with proper packaging to protect it from damages during its transportation to its destination. We charge for the packaging material/supplies and labor services.  If  you would like to package your items yourself that is available as well. You can buy packing material and supplies to package your shipment at our self-serve desk and ship or drop them off here to be picked up from USPS, UPS, FedEX, and DHL. Or if you need expert’s help, then our professionals take that burden of packaging from you and ship with all above listed carriers.

Do you sell boxes and/or bubble mailers that I can ship small items in?2020-05-11T18:54:07-07:00

Yes, we sell a variety of packaging products for small items such as bubble envelopes, tuck top boxes, and poly bags including decorative ones. We also carry large boxes for large items like golf bags. You can also bring your item in-store and we can help you find the best option to pack and protect your item safely. We also provide custom packaging services.

I have a label in my email. Can you print it out for me?2020-05-11T18:50:58-07:00

Yes, we can print out labels for you via email. You can also use our computer rental to log into your email or vendor’s account to print your label directly from an email or website.

Do you sell laptop boxes?2020-05-11T18:50:25-07:00

We sell laptop boxes specifically designed for shipping electronic safely that is adjustable to fit notebook tablets and laptop sizes up to 21″. The laptop boxes include hard foam clamps and spacers that ensure the protection of your laptop during its transportation.

I need to print my documents to a specific size. Is this possible?2020-05-11T18:49:19-07:00

Yes we can print any documents and posters to a variety of sizes. We can start at standard  business card size up to large format blueprint sizes. In case you need smaller size, we also provide professional cutting service.

Can I use my FedEx account to ship out my package? Can you also let me know how much would it cost me?2020-05-11T18:46:26-07:00

Yes at Postal Annex you can use your own FedEX account. We can provide you a waybill, on which you can fill out all the information including your account number. Unfortunately, we can not provide you an estimate of services  since each account has different rates.

What is the cheapest way of sending my package?2020-05-11T18:44:44-07:00

If your package does not need to arrive by a certain date, FedEx and UPS provide ground services that may save some cost of shipping. Since the shipping cost depends on weight and dimensions weight (formula used by the carrier), we recommend having the smallest possible package to avoid extra shipping cost for larger but lighter packages. We sell smaller packaging supplies if you want to reduce the size of the box you are sending.

Do you provide certified mail services?2020-05-11T18:41:52-07:00

USPS mail that is created with us or dropped off can be certified. Certified mail provides proof of mailing and is time stamped for the day it is being mailed. You may also add on a return receipt that provides proof of delivery with a signature.

Why has my package not been delivered yet?2020-05-11T18:41:52-07:00

Due to reasons beyond our control packages may sometimes be delayed by carrier(s). If you had created a trackable shipping label with us then you will be able to use the provided tracking number to find out where your package is. From our website you can click “Track A Package” and enter the number to check the status or simply go on this link to track your package –

We provide tracking option for USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL at one spot, so you do not have to jump around the websites in order to get right tracking information.

I have an item in a rush to be delivered. Do you have shipping services to get it delivered quickly?2020-05-11T18:41:52-07:00

We have a variety of expedited shipping services through USPS, FedEx, UPS such as overnight and 2-day shipping. Both documents and packages can be sent through these services. Bring in your items in store and we can help you find the fastest way of shipping.

For Southern California cities we also have same day delivery option if you come in the morning. We can explore those options with you as well.

I received a notice that my package is at your store. Do you have it?2020-05-11T18:41:52-07:00

When UPS and FedEx requires a signature from the recipient and they cannot get hold of them, the package gets delivered to a hold location. We are a hold location for both UPS and FedEx. All you have to do is come in to our location with your valid Government ID that matches the name and/or address on the package and we will be able to release the package to you.

We recommend checking the tracking information in order to find out if the package actually is here. Unfortunately, we do not give that information over the phone.

Can I use a FedEx or UPS account number to ship from your store?2020-05-11T18:41:51-07:00

We carry FedEx and UPS shipping forms, on which you can write your account number and shipment details. Just bring in your item and/or packages, fill out the necessary information, and leave your package with us.

We can also provide additional packaging service in case your items need extra protection during shipping.

What kind of fingerprinting do you offer?2020-04-23T18:36:25-07:00

We can do the manual fingerprints or “ink” fingerprints on an FD-258 card(s) and we also do Live Scans for DOJ and/or FBI. If you are not sure which kind of fingerprint service you need, I would verify with the requesting agency or check the live scan requesting form instructions if given. Also, we are open all 7 days, accept walk-ins, and always have someone available to assist you with the fingerprinting during our store hours.

Do you offer key cutting services?2020-04-23T18:25:33-07:00

Yes, we have a variety of different keys we can cut at our store and for most house keys, we have a variety of designs to choose from. Of course, we always have to check to see if we carry your key and if not we can always try to order it for you.

Are you open during COVID-19 outbreak?2020-04-17T20:53:44-07:00

Yes, we are open during the COVID-19 outbreak. We are taking all possible precautions, while serving you in store. We recommend that you have face mask on during your visit in store. For fingerprinting services, it is mandatory that customers wear face masks for their and our team members safety.

We are open all 7 days with our regular business hours. We are off for only 4 holidays throughout the year.

Click here to see live update for our business hours.

Do you provide the form to get a live scan done?2020-04-17T14:45:53-07:00

No, unfortunately because there are so many different agencies, we do not have the request forms on hand. For your reference we have put list of popular live scan types that we have done in the past on our live scan fingerprinting service page. We also recommend that you verify the form’s validity with the requesting agency.

Do you offer a computer rental service?2024-02-14T11:50:52-08:00

Yes, we have a computer rental available to public during business hours, all 6 days.

Are there restrictions for using the computer rental?2020-03-25T10:40:55-07:00

The computer rental is available for checking emails, working on school/work assignments, printing, and surfing the web. Due to its use being for the public we ask that you do not visit explicit or offensive sites/images and be respectful to the customers shopping in store and use the computer.

What if I need a notary, but I do not have a specific form/document?2020-03-22T12:08:57-07:00

As a notary public, we legally cannot advise which form you need exactly. However, we do have a rental computer that you can use to find the necessary documents or you can type up a statement on word. We also have notary certificate that you can use to write out a statement to swear to that we can notarize.

Can you laminate original certificates or documents with seals?2020-03-21T16:19:50-07:00

Normally we do not recommend laminating any important documents especially birth, death or divorce certificates. Also when a document has an embossed seal, this is to prove the documents authenticity, therefore the lamination would flatten the seal, making it harder to prove genuine. However, we can always laminate copies of the certificates or you can bring in the document and we can see if we can laminate the original.

What type of design files do you accept for business printing?2020-03-20T18:52:23-07:00

The files we recommend the most are JPEG, PDF, Word and Excel. If you have any other type of file we are able to help you convert it into a printable file. It is recommended to have all images of high resolution (minimum 300dpi) to get better print quality.

Do I have to bring in a file or can you create it for me?2020-03-20T12:01:51-07:00

You always have the option to bring in your own digital file for us to use. If you already have a file created for your banner, sign, business cards, etc we can use that and print whatever it is you may be needing.  If you do not have a file created we can also help with that aspect of the project as well. We are here to help all our customers in any way we can.

What size boxes do you sell?2020-03-20T11:59:19-07:00

We have a variety of sizes and dimension choices – from flatter boxes to more cubic boxes. We also have tuck top boxes and non-inventory boxes available.

If we do not have the size you are looking for, in-store, then we can also order or make a custom box to ensure your items are delivered safely.

If I do not have an ID, how do I go about getting a document notarized?2020-03-19T18:32:03-07:00

If you cannot provide a government issued ID that is not expired, then you can have two credible witnesses who do not have a financial interest and are not named in the document signed. These two individuals must have a valid government issued ID and be present when you come for the notary. Unfortunately, the notary public cannot be one of the credible witnesses. However, we are available all 7 days and accept walk-ins for this service.

If I do not have a driver’s license, what other forms of ID can I bring for the notary?2020-03-19T18:31:20-07:00

If you do not have a driver’s license, there are a few more types of acceptable IDs for notary:

-US Passport book or card

-Foreign passport, endorsed by USCIS

– Senior ID issued by CA DMV

-Other state driver’s license or ID

-Mexico or Canada Driver’s License

-CA State employee ID card

-Employee ID from any city/county within CA

-US military ID (only if it includes signature)

-Inmate ID issued by California Department of Corrections

-2 Credible witnesses that can each provide one of the following IDs above

*Just note that the ID needs to be physical and photos are not acceptable

Do you provide business printing?2020-03-19T16:36:03-07:00

Yes, we do provide business printing. We have a wide variety of different printing services we offer to help your business grow. If you’re interested in business cards, banners, signs,  flyers, postcards, letterheads or envelopes we will be glad to assist you. The best way to make your business shine is by having the material to help advertise how great you are.

Do you offer in-person shredding and is there a wait for that?2020-03-19T16:20:15-07:00

Yes, we do have in-person shredding and normally we can help you out right away. If you want to bring a few pounds of documents in at a time to avoid waiting, we can help you with the shredding all 7 days. You can also call ahead of time, so we know to expect you.

Do you have flat rate carrier boxes for UPS, FedEX, USPS, DHL?2020-03-19T13:10:30-07:00

We have various sized carrier branded envelopes, padded packs, document envelopes, and boxes for UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL, that we may provide at no additional cost for shipping.

Do you assist with apostille services?2020-03-14T16:48:19-07:00

Yes, we can help you with the notary and with the apostille service, including printing and shipping. You do not need an appointment and can simply walk-in all 7 days.

When is your notary public usually available?2020-03-14T14:08:03-07:00

There is always a notary public on site and can assist you during our regular business hours. We are open all seven days and do accept walk-ins. If you would like, you can also call ahead of time and schedule an appointment. The good news is we are closed for 4 holidays throughout the year. So we are available 361 (362) days to notarize your important documents. :-)

How much do you charge to get a document notarized?2020-03-14T13:18:22-07:00

We charge $15 per signature being notarized. For example, if it is one document that requires two signatures to be notarized, then it will be $30 altogether.

If I fax documents, will I get a receipt or some type of assurance that the fax was completed?2020-03-01T12:56:05-08:00

Yes, once the fax is completed, there will be a fax confirmation page that you can wait for. If you are in rush, then you can simply ask for scanning service to get confirmation scanned to your email. There is minimal charge for that add-on service.

Do you offer shredding services and if so how much does it cost?2020-02-29T13:22:00-08:00

Yes, we do have shredding services and it can be as low as $0.95 per pound. The more you need to shred, the cheaper the price gets. You do not need to schedule an appointment either, you can simply walk in.

Do you offer freight services?2020-02-27T13:44:19-08:00

Yes. We offer air and sea freight shipping for both domestic and international.

Can you print from the computer rental?2020-02-26T11:51:35-08:00

Yes. You can print black and white on 8.5 x 11 (standard letter size) from the computer rental with additional cost. If you need your document printed with different size, paper, and/or color, then we can help you at the front desk. We have a wide variety of paper materials and sizes to choose from.

Is there a time limit on the computer rental?2020-02-26T11:49:14-08:00

No, unless you are renting the computer by the hour then your time will end once that hour is over with further renewal option available to you.

Can you receive faxes and do you offer international faxing services?2020-02-23T12:20:33-08:00

Yes, we are able to receive faxes and can also fax documents internationally. We can either print it out or send it to your email once we receive the fax. If you need to fax internationally, we would just need the proper fax number and then we can send it for you.

Do you have faxing services, and if so how much would it cost to fax documents?2020-02-23T11:39:12-08:00

We can definitely help you out with faxing documents and the price can vary depending on how many pages are being faxed. If you need a coversheet, we can provide one at no cost. We not only provide faxing service for domestic numbers, but we can help for international numbers.

How do I add my business name to your business directory?2019-11-30T14:16:46-08:00

Our goal is to help local business community. As part of our efforts, we are listing business directory of Glendora Chamber of Commerce Members. If you like your business name show up in this list, then please contact Glendora Chamber of Commerce and mention about this directory.

Do you laminate documents? If so, what is the largest size you can laminate?2019-11-30T12:12:31-08:00

Yes, we can laminate documents. The sizes we can laminate range from business cards (2″x3.5″) to tabloid/ledger (11″ x 17″) and any size in between.

Do you have wifi service?2019-11-30T11:46:41-08:00

No, we do not have wifi services, but we do have a computer rental with internet connection available with very low rental charges.

Why is it $15 per signature for notary? Wasn’t that $10 per signature?2018-10-22T08:17:49-07:00

On January 1, 2017 Governor Jerry Brown passed the AB 2217 bill that raised the maximum fee for notarial acts from $10 to  $15.

What is the price of a notary? Do you have a mobile notary? Do I need appointment?2018-10-22T08:17:24-07:00

Our notary is only an in-store service, but we do have one available at all operating hours, no appointment needed.  It would be $15 per signature that needs notarization.

What if I don’t have a box for my item?2018-10-22T08:16:39-07:00

With the item dimensions, we can find the perfect box and also give you an estimate with our professional packaging. That would include any bubblewrap, peanuts, or any other filler.

What do I need for a package quote?2018-10-22T08:16:05-07:00

With your item dimensions, weight and destination zip code we can get your quote as efficiently and accurate as possible.

What carriers do you ship with?2018-10-22T08:15:37-07:00

We ship through FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL. We also work with our same day delivery service providers and freight companies to get the best possible rates for our customers.

I want to send a package. What does the quote include?2018-10-22T08:15:13-07:00

We can give you a quote and comparison with all carriers FedEx, DHL, UPS, and USPS.  This includes the estimated time of arrival. For special cases we can also help you getting freight as well as same day delivery option quotes.

I want to get a passport done. What do I need? How much time does it take? How much is it?2018-10-22T08:14:39-07:00

We offer our expedited passport service. We have varying processing times based on by when you need it by. Processing of 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, and 5 days for new or child passports. Renewals get an additional 7-10 days processing time as well. Fees cover your processing time, government fee, shipping, passport photos(if needed), & a passport acceptance agent appointment(for new passports).

I need a Livescan done. Do you need an appointment? How much would it cost?2018-10-22T08:13:30-07:00

We do have a certified fingerprint roller available during all business hours, and the best part is that you do not need an appointment to get live scan done at our location! With Live Scan, there are two separate fees. One fee is our rolling fee, which can be as low as $40. The other fee is for DOJ, FBI and other Government Agencies. This fee can vary depending on the Live Scan request form you bring. If there is a billing number on your form, then you are simply responsible for just the rolling fee. Some types of live scans are Government fee exempt, too. Please bring form in person and we can check all that for you without any obligation.

I have (UPS, FedEx, USPS or DHL) label for my package. Can I drop it there?2018-10-22T08:12:24-07:00

Yes we do accept drop offs for UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL.  If your label isn’t printed, send it to our email and we can print that for you.

Do you take passport photos there? How long would it take to get my pictures?2018-10-22T08:11:21-07:00

We do take passport photos. It would take a quick 5 minutes once you walk in, no appointment needed.

Do you ship internationally?2018-10-22T08:10:55-07:00

Yes, we do ship internationally.  We do have DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS for international shipping.

Do you sell boxes?2018-10-22T08:10:24-07:00

As a packing and shipping store, we do have a wide variety of boxes to fit your needs.

Do you have USPS flat rate boxes?2018-10-22T08:10:03-07:00

Yes, we do have small, medium and large flat rate boxes at no additional charge!

Do you have carrier supplies?2018-10-22T08:09:43-07:00

Carrier boxes, Padded envelopes, and mailing envelopes we do carry for USPS, UPS, and FedEx.  Padded envelopes and mailing envelopes for DHL.

Do you guys sell keys? Do you cut them there? Do I have to pay extra for the cutting?2018-10-22T08:09:17-07:00

We do sell a variety of keys and we do cut them in store.  With cutting included in the pricing the keys range $3.99, $4.99, and $6.99 based on the design.

Do you guys do Amazon returns?2018-10-22T08:08:41-07:00

With an Amazon return, we do accept the prepaid bar-code labels.  If you have the label in your email we can print it out once it is sent to our email – or you can use rental computer at our location to print it yourself. If you are provided with QR code, then we recommend you to ask Amazon to replace it with the bar-coded carrier label. When they ask for an email address to send to, please provide If none of the options work for you, then we can also help you create a UPS, USPS or FedEx label to ship it back.

Can you take photos for Canadian passport?2018-10-22T08:08:01-07:00

We offer Canadian Passport pictures, as well as other international passport pictures.

Can you help me with Notary, Live Scan and/or Shipping on Saturday and/or Sunday?2018-10-22T08:07:35-07:00

We can help you with notary, live scan, and shipping on saturday and sunday during all hours.  No appointment needed for a notary or live scan.

Can you guys help me pack my packages and send safely?2018-10-22T08:06:58-07:00

With our professional packaging we do follow guidelines based on your item type.  Additionally, we do offer insurance for your goods. Electronics, artwork, glass, everything is packed carefully and strategically to insure your items are safe.

Can you give me quote for a package I want to send?2018-10-22T08:05:46-07:00

Absolutely, with the destination address, the weight, and dimensions (outer) of your item or box, we can get you a quote over the phone or in person! We will also let you know if any additional information needed besides the basic information.

Can you do custom packaging?2018-10-22T07:44:13-07:00

In case your item doesn’t fit in a standard box, we can custom make a box.  We also do offer stretch wrapping.

What are your carrier pick-up hours?2024-02-15T14:26:48-08:00

Carrier pick-up hours vary by location. For specific details, please visit where you can find the pick-up hours posted for carriers at each of our locations.

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