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At PostalAnnex in Azusa and Covina, we’re not just a shipping center; we’re your go-to destination for a wide range of services designed to simplify your life. From expert passport photo services to unique gift finds, greeting cards for all occasions, and convenient key copying solutions, we have you covered. Our mission is to provide versatile services that enhance your travel experience, add a personal touch to your gifts and greetings, and ensure you have essential key solutions at your fingertips. Discover the ultimate convenience at PostalAnnex today.

Passport Services

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Super Expedited Passport Renewal Service

When time is of the essence, trust PostalAnnex for a solution that prioritizes your urgent travel needs. We offer super expedited passport renewal services that can get your passport in hand within 7 business-days.

Passport/ID/Visa Photo Services

Get high-quality passport, international passport, ID, and visa photos at PostalAnnex. We offer photos for various countries and institutions, ensuring compliance with their specific requirements. Our digital copies are tailored to meet precise format, size, and resolution standards.

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Passport Assistance

Simplify the passport application process with PostalAnnex. Whether you need to renew your passport or apply for a new one, our expert guidance and seamless applications make the experience stress-free.

Why Choose Our Passport Services?

We provide quick and efficient passport photo services with no appointments needed, ensuring you're prepared for your travel plans.
Expert Guidance
Our experienced team offers comprehensive passport assistance, guiding you through the application process seamlessly, whether it's a renewal or new application.
Rapid Renewals
Need your passport in a hurry? Take advantage of our super expedited renewal service, guaranteeing you receive it within days, not weeks.
International Passport Expertise
We specialize in international passport photos, meeting the strict requirements of various countries and institutions.
Digital Solutions
Alongside physical photos, we offer digital copies, tailored to specific size and resolution needs, ideal for online submissions.


Explore charming and thoughtful gifts at PostalAnnex. From quirky knickknacks to heartfelt trinkets, our curated selection complements your packages and makes delightful standalone purchases. Discover unique items that add a personal touch to your loved ones’ mailings.

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Greeting Cards

Find the perfect greeting card for every occasion at PostalAnnex. Our collection includes a variety of cards to convey your sentiments and well-wishes. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or special event, we have the card that speaks your message.


Key Copying Service

Get your keys copied at PostalAnnex. We offer duplication services for regular, colored alloy, and design keys, as well as specialty and automobile keys. Enhance your keys with our selection of key rings, caps, and key chains.

Visit Our Store Today for Versatile Services

When it comes to travel, postal services, unique gifts, greeting cards, and key copying, PostalAnnex in Azusa and Covina is your one-stop destination. Visit our store today for versatile services that enhance your travel experience, add a personal touch to your gifts and greetings, and provide you with convenient key solutions. Experience the ease of expert passport services, explore our curated selection of knickknacks and cards, and ensure you have a spare set of keys at your fingertips. At PostalAnnex, we’re here to simplify your life, one service at a time. Join us today to discover the ultimate convenience.