Key Solutions at PostalAnnex: Copying Keys Made Simple in Azusa and Covina, CA


Are you in need of a spare key or looking to personalize your key collection? Look no further than PostalAnnex in Azusa and Covina, your go-to destination for all key-related solutions. Our comprehensive Copy Keys service covers a range of key types, ensuring you have a spare for every need.

Lots of different kind of standard keys hanging on a display

Regular Keys

Whether it’s for your home, office, or mailbox, our Copy Keys service includes duplicates for regular keys, providing a quick and convenient solution for ensuring access to essential spaces.

Colored Alloy Keys

Add a touch of style to your key collection with our colored alloy keys. Not only do they serve the practical purpose of providing access, but they also make a statement with vibrant hues and durable materials.

colored alloy sc1 and kw1 keys on a display
design keys on a display

Design Keys

Express your personality with our range of design keys. From playful patterns to elegant designs, these keys are not just functional but also an extension of your unique style.

Specialty Keys

We understand that some keys have unique shapes and requirements. Our Copy Keys service extends to specialty keys, ensuring we can meet your diverse needs.

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automobile keys

Automobile Keys

In addition to home and office keys, we also offer duplication services for automobile keys. Whether it’s a standard car key or a key fob, we’ve got you covered.

Accessorize Your Keys

Enhance your key experience with our selection of key accessories. Explore key rings, key caps, and a variety of key chains to add a personalized touch to your key set.

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Quality and Precision

Our Copy Keys service prioritizes quality and precision. Each duplicate is crafted with accuracy to ensure seamless functionality and durability.

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Explore the world of keys at PostalAnnex in Azusa or Covina. Whether you need a spare key, want to explore stylish options, or accessorize your existing keys, we have the solutions you’re looking for.

Because Keys Are More Than Access – They’re Statements. Only at PostalAnnex.