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Discover unparalleled shipping solutions at our UPS services offered through PostalAnnex in Azusa and Covina. With a diverse array of options meticulously tailored to meet your unique shipping needs, our commitment is to provide you with top-tier service. Our UPS services seamlessly integrate convenience, speed, and security, ensuring your packages arrive at their destinations effortlessly.

Shipping Services

In Azusa and Covina, PostalAnnex offers diverse shipping services to suit your needs. Whether domestic or international shipments, trust our reliable solutions.


Need assistance with packaging? Our professionals at PostalAnnex can expertly pack your items to ensure they arrive safely at their destination. We offer a variety of packaging materials and options.

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Knowledgeable Staff

Our team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals is here to assist you with all your shipping and business needs. We’re committed to providing top-notch customer service.


Both the PostalAnnex locations in Azusa and Covina are strategically situated within bustling shopping centers, ensuring convenient access to our services whenever you require them.

UPS Express Shipping

Experience swiftness in delivery with our UPS Express Shipping. Available exclusively at PostalAnnex Azusa and Covina, this option guarantees the rapid arrival of your packages. Real-time tracking and punctual delivery underscore our dedication to handling your urgent shipments with the utmost care.

UPS Ground Shipping

Balance cost-efficiency and reliability with our UPS Ground Shipping, a stellar choice for non-urgent shipments. PostalAnnex Azusa and Covina provide this service, ensuring your packages reach their destination without compromise.

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UPS International Shipping

Break boundaries with our UPS International Shipping service, available at PostalAnnex Azusa and Covina. Seamlessly navigate global shipping challenges, aided by our streamlined customs clearance and meticulous tracking system.

DHL Freight Services

Seamless Transport for Bulk Shipments

Our DHL Freight Services are dedicated to meeting your larger shipment and commercial freight needs. From Less-than-Truckload (LTL) to Full Truckload (FTL) services, we offer comprehensive solutions for bulk shipments. Embrace the flexibility of intermodal transport and warehousing options, all managed by our committed team.

UPS Freight Services

For substantial or weighty shipments, opt for our UPS Freight Services. Tailored solutions at PostalAnnex Azusa and Covina are designed to overcome the challenges of shipping large items, all while maintaining our unwavering commitment to security and dependability.

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UPS Package Tracking

Stay in the know about your shipments with the UPS Package Tracking feature. Simply enter your tracking number on our website to access real-time updates on your package’s journey.

Enhance Efficiency with DHL Supply Chain

Streamlined Logistics Solutions

Streamline your business’s logistics and distribution processes with DHL Supply Chain services. Our end-to-end solutions optimize supply chain efficiency, encompassing everything from inventory management to order fulfillment. Let us be the driving force behind your logistics strategy, contributing to your business’s growth and success.

Why Choose Our UPS Services at PostalAnnex?

Leverage our extensive network and proven experience to ensure your packages are handled with the utmost care and precision, consistently arriving on time.
The varied service options available at PostalAnnex Azusa and Covina allow you to select the shipping method that impeccably aligns with your schedule and budget.
We prioritize the secure transit of your packages, offering both senders and recipients peace of mind throughout the shipping process.
Global Reach
Whether your shipping needs are local or global, our UPS services at PostalAnnex effortlessly span the globe, uniting you with your recipients.

Your Trusted Partner for Shipping Solutions

At PostalAnnex, in conjunction with PostalAnnex, we stand committed to providing unparalleled UPS services at our Azusa and Covina locations. Serving as your authorized shipping outlets, our focus remains steadfast on ensuring your shipping needs are met with precision. Our emphasis on speed, security, and satisfaction solidifies our role as your preferred choice for shipping solutions.

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For inquiries, quotes, or assistance, our dedicated support team at PostalAnnex Azusa and Covina is readily available. Trust us to make your shipping needs our top priority.