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Welcome to PostalAnnex, your trusted partner for passport and visa photo services in Azusa and Covina. We understand the significance of capturing the perfect image for your official documents. Our dedicated service not only ensures compliance with the strictest requirements but also prioritizes customer satisfaction. From US passports to international visas, we specialize in delivering high-quality photos that meet the standards of any country or institution.

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Whether you need perfect passport photos, seamless assistance, or a super expedited renewal, PostalAnnex is your passport to hassle-free travel. Our expert services guarantee compliance, convenience, and speed.

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Capture picture-perfect moments with our expert passport photo services. Trust us for flawless images that meet international standards. With no appointments needed, PostalAnnex is your instant photo destination.

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PostalAnnex is your ally for swift and secure passport services. From efficient renewals to expert assistance, we prioritize your travel needs. Visit our Azusa or Covina locations for a journey marked by speed, reliability, and excellence.

Our Passport and Visa Photo Services


High-Quality Images for US Passports

At PostalAnnex, we take pride in providing high-quality passport pictures for US citizens. Our expert photographers capture images that adhere to the precise specifications required for US passports.

Specialization in Young Kids Passport Photo

We understand the unique challenges of capturing passport photos for young kids. Our experienced team ensures a patient and child-friendly environment, resulting in perfect passport pictures for your little ones.

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Assorted colorful travel passports spread out.

International Passport and Visa Photos

Beyond US passports, we cater to the diverse needs of our community by offering passport and visa photos for almost any country or institution. Trust us to meet the specific requirements of international documents.

Digital Copies with Formatting Assurance

In the digital age, we go beyond traditional prints. Our service includes providing digital copies of your passport photos. We ensure the format, size, and resolution align with the requirements of the requesting agency, offering you added convenience.

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a photographer showing a picture to a subject person

Customer-Verified and Approved Pictures

What sets us apart is our commitment to customer satisfaction. Unlike competitors, every picture taken at our location undergoes thorough verification and approval by the customer. We believe in delivering photos that meet not only official standards but also your personal expectations.

Package Discounts

For your convenience, we offer package discounts that allow customers to combine digital and physical picture packages at a discounted rate. Additionally, you can take advantage of our special rates for extra sets of pictures, ensuring you have ample copies for your records and applications.

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Convenient and Efficient Service

Our passport and visa photo services are designed for your convenience. With a streamlined process, quick turnarounds, and a customer-centric approach, we make the often tedious task of passport photo acquisition a seamless experience.

Expertise in Passport Regulations

Navigating the complex landscape of passport regulations can be challenging. Our team is well-versed in the latest guidelines, ensuring that your passport and visa photos meet the stringent criteria set by governing authorities.

ID photo guidelines chart with correct and incorrect examples.
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Personalized Consultation

Have specific requirements or concerns? Our team offers personalized consultation to address your individual needs, providing guidance on attire, expressions, and any other factors that contribute to the perfect passport or visa photo.

Choose PostalAnnex for Expert Passport/Visa/ID Pictures: No Appointments, Compliant Images, Digital Convenience, and More!

No Appointment Needed
At PostalAnnex, skip the hassle of appointments for your Passport/Visa/ID pictures. Walk in anytime for instant service.
Expertly Compliant Images
Trust us for expertly captured pictures that meet stringent international standards, ensuring acceptance every time.
Versatile Sizing Options
From passport to visa and ID pictures, we offer versatile sizing options tailored to meet specific requirements.
Digital Copies for Convenience
Receive digital copies of your pictures, facilitating easy sharing and compliance with digital documentation needs.
Discounted Packages Available
Enjoy the flexibility to combine digital and physical picture packages at discounted rates, tailored to your preferences.

Picture-Perfect Moments: Explore Our Passport, Visa, and ID Picture Services at PostalAnnex in Azusa and Covina, CA

Embark on a journey of picture-perfect moments with PostalAnnex. Our commitment to instant service, compliance, digital convenience, and exclusive discounts makes us your top choice for Passport, Visa, and ID pictures. Visit our Azusa and Covina locations and let every click tell your unique story with precision and ease!