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Unlock a world of vibrant possibilities with our professional print services at PostalAnnex in Azusa and Covina. We are your go-to destination for all your printing needs, delivering top-notch quality and precision every time.

Copy, Print, and
Large Format Printing

At PostalAnnex Azusa and Covina, unlock efficiency with our comprehensive printing services. From precise copies to vibrant prints and large format reproductions, we cover all your printing needs.

Binding and
Laminating Expertise

Elevate your documents with our professional finishing services. PostalAnnex in Azusa and Covina provides expert binding and laminating to ensure a polished and durable presentation.


Rubber Stamp Manufacturing
and Office Supplies

Explore more than just printing. PostalAnnex offers additional office solutions, including custom rubber stamp manufacturing and a variety of office supplies, making it a one-stop destination for your business needs.

Faxing and
Scanning Services

Beyond traditional copying, our services extend to modern document management. PostalAnnex Azusa and Covina provide convenient options for sending documents through fax and efficient scanning services.


Safeguard your sensitive information with our secure shredding services. PostalAnnex in Azusa and Covina ensures your confidential documents are disposed of responsibly and securely.


Creative Printing Solutions

Vivid Color Printing

Watch your ideas come to life with our vibrant color printing services. Whether it’s captivating marketing materials or visually stunning creative projects, we bring your designs to life with exceptional color reproduction.

Day-to-Day Black and White Printing

For your everyday needs, we offer reliable and high-quality black and white printing services. From essential documents to shipping labels and resumes, we ensure clarity and professionalism in every print.

Comprehensive Print Product Options

Choose from an extensive range of print products to suit your diverse needs:

  • Business Cards: Make a lasting impression with professionally designed business cards.
  • Brochures: Showcase your products and services with eye-catching and informative brochures.

  • Postcards: Engage your audience with personalized postcards for promotions or events.
  • Banners: Command attention with large and impactful banners for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Mounted Canvas and Wall Decor Printing: Transform your space with custom wall decor, including mounted canvas prints.
  • Photo Printing: Whether it’s architectural plans, posters, or other oversized projects, we’ve got you covered.
  • Flags: Promote your brand or event with vibrant and durable flags.
  • Print for Tradeshows: Stand out at tradeshows with high-quality printed materials, from banners to promotional materials.
  • Signs: From directional signs to informative displays, we provide a variety of sign printing options.
  • Large Format Printing: Whether it’s architectural plans, posters, or other oversized projects, we’ve got you covered.
business stationary with one brand

Day-to-Day Printing Convenience

In addition to our creative printing services, our stores cater to your day-to-day printing needs, including:

  • Shipping Labels: Effortlessly print shipping labels for your packages.
  • Resumes: Present yourself professionally with high-quality printed resumes.
  • Legal Documents: Ensure the clarity and professionalism of your legal documents.
  • Regular Documents Printing: From presentations to everyday documents, we’ve got your regular printing needs covered.

Diverse Paper Stocks for Creative Expression

Choose from a variety of premium paper stocks to suit the unique needs of your projects:

  • Card Stocks: Perfect for creating memorable business cards, invitations, and promotional materials.
  • Heavy Stocks: Ideal for documents that demand durability and a premium feel.
  • Textured Stock: Elevate your creative projects with textured paper options, adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Gloss Finish: Enhance the visual appeal of your prints with our glossy paper options, offering a professional and polished look.
  • Color Papers: Explore a spectrum of colors to complement your design and make your creative projects visually engaging.

Creative Customization Options

Beyond exceptional printing, we offer a suite of additional services to enhance your materials and streamline your workflow:

  • Binding and Laminating: Elevate your creative documents with our professional finishing services, ensuring a polished and durable presentation.

  • Collating: Ensure your multi-page creative projects are in perfect order with our collating services.
  • Faxing and Scanning: Seamlessly integrate modern document management into your creative workflow with our faxing and scanning services.

  • Shredding Services: Safeguard your sensitive creative information with our secure shredding services, providing peace of mind in disposal.

Convenient Printing Options for Creative Minds

Email and USB Printing with Location Selection

For added convenience, customers can use our streamlined process for submitting creative printing requests via email or USB drive. Select your location, complete the quick form, and hit the button to seamlessly email your prints to the right address.

Simply Use Our Quick Form to Submit Your Request!

Choose your location, attach your files, and click to submit. It’s that easy!

Computer Rental Printing Option

Take advantage of our computer rental service, enabling you to print directly from our computers, providing a hassle-free and self-service solution for our creative customers.


Enhanced Design and Personalization Services

In addition to our wide range of printing options, we offer specialized services to meet all your design and personalization needs:

  • Professional Graphic Design: Our team of skilled graphic designers is here to help you create visually striking designs that effectively communicate your message. Whether you need a fresh design or want to enhance an existing one, we can assist you every step of the way.

  • Artwork Adjustment Services: If your artwork isn’t print-ready, don’t worry. We offer expert adjustment services to ensure your design looks perfect in print. This includes optimizing resolution, correcting color, and modifying layouts to fit specific printing requirements.
  • Variable Data Printing: Personalize your marketing materials with our variable data printing services. Ideal for targeted direct mail campaigns, customized brochures, and unique event invitations, this service allows you to connect more effectively with your audience by tailoring each piece of printed material to the recipient.

Leverage these services to ensure your print materials are not only high quality but also perfectly tailored to your needs and objectives.

Why Choose PostalAnnex for Creative Printing?

Quality Assurance
Our commitment to top-notch quality ensures that every creative print meets your high standards.
Visual Impact
Emphasize the visual appeal of your creative projects with our high-quality prints and diverse paper stocks.
Customization for Creativity
Tailor your creative prints to your preferences with our array of paper stocks and finishing options.
Day-to-Day Printing Convenience
Our stores cater to your day-to-day printing needs, ensuring you can easily print shipping labels, resumes, legal documents, and more.
Comprehensive Print Product Options
From business cards to banners and everything in between, we provide an extensive range of print products for your diverse needs.
With locations in Azusa and Covina, CA, we bring professional creative printing services closer to you.
Comprehensive Creative Services
Beyond printing, we offer a range of services to make your creative projects hassle-free and professional.

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